Product development for an imaginative request from the company Gardena, a specialized manufacturer of gardening tools


YARDUO combines and simplifies. This lawnmower can be used as an autonomous robot as well as a classic hand-held lawnmower. In addition, YARDUO’s battery-powered drive can be separated from the mower module, which allows it to be combined with other useful garden tools. Due to this flexibility, YARDUO is, in contrast to conventional robotic lawnmowers, also suitable for larger gardens that are divided by walkways, as an example.

Rendering of the 3D CAD-Modell
Virtual staging
Digital hand sketches for final idea visualization
Usage visualization
Dimension check: three-dimensional full-size volume model
CAD model in SlicerforFusion 360
Scenario (symbolic image)
Inspiration / Form board



Autonomous lawnmowers take a lot of work off our hands in the garden. However, the existing lawn mowers quickly reach their limits. If the garden is divided into several areas, for example, it must be carried from one area to another, by lifting it up. Classic autonomous lawn mowers are not designed to be carried from A to B in an ergonomic and safe way.


  • Wheel positioning and integrated handle allow safe and easy maneuver on uneven floors.
  • The lawnmower can be used autonomously as well as operated.
  • The mower module can be separated from the machine so that the drive can be used in combination with other modules (e.g. hexler, fertilizer, soil hoe).

Scenario and target group

Simona (78) and Roland (71) own a large parcel of land around their house. The family property in the rural region of Italy has been simply but always carefully maintained, lovingly planted, and attentively watered over the past 30 years. Since Roland’s accident a few months ago and Simona’s illness two years ago, which was fortunately overcome well, the couple has become more aware of their fragility. The property is divided into four distinct areas around the house. Pebbled floors, flattened paths and a small trail under the pine trees separate the four lawn areas from each other. The ground is mostly level, the flowers and vegetable plants are kept on the sides. Some trees only and the water supply pipes giving access to the underground water system built by Roland himself years ago, stick out here and there also from the center area of the grounds.

Roland curiously followed the technical changes of recent years, while Simona has little to do with computers and smartphones. After her husband’s patient and calm explanation, however, she agreed to give a robot vacuum cleaner a chance to move into her living room. A basis of trust in autonomous devices has been created. Last summer, the inconvenient cleaning of the small pool in the garden became unnecessary too. The robotic pool cleaner they bought, is easy to operate and works flawlessly – both are thrilled. Due to the current Corona situation, this year’s planned trip abroad has been canceled. They consider now, to invest a part of the budget originally reserved for this purpose, to purchase other smaller life-simplifying gadgets for their near future.

While defining the target group, I collected attributes, which I used in the next step to create a form board as a source of inspiration:

  • Gender-neutral
  • Friendly
  • Neat
  • Practical
  • Affluent
  • Systematic
  • Intuitive