Design of an inhaler for asthmatic athletes


The inhaler for sportive asthmatics can be operated with one hand. Thanks to the ergonomic and elastic casing, which securely encloses the medicine cartridge, the spray can be safely stowed directly in the sports clothing that is close to the body. Particularly innovative is that the dishwasher-safe housing is equipped with a replaceable mouthpiece, whose closure opens by biting on it.

In scene
Handling concept
3D printet function model prototype
3D printet color model prototype
CAD-Model rendering for color idea visualization
Focus on implementation
Focus on implementation
Features (Stylish, Durable, Resistant, Active, Unisex, Content level visible, Light, can be operated with one hand, Flexible, Hygienic)
Persona, first sketches and inspiration
Technical drawing of the original inhaler
3-D scan of the original inhaler


This work is my redesign of a classic asthma spray. On the conventional product, I noticed the following negative aspects: The inhaler must be operated with two hands. There is a risk of losing its cap while handling the cap can also be done «wrong». The shape, in general, is angular and the material hard, which makes the inhaler uncomfortable to painful if worn on the body. The design language implicates sickness, it looks technical and cheap. The gaps are susceptible to dirt, other objects can get stuck in them and the cartridge can lose and fall out.

Conversations with members of the target group have led me to the decision to let the inhaler be worn close to the body rather than attached separately to a sports device like a bicycle:

(I would keep my inhaler) not fixed on the bike but protected from dirt in the back pocket of my sports clothes or in a bag. And it should preferably have no edges in case of an accident. (…) The handling should be possible with one hand only and without a cap that could get lost.

Severin, stress-induced asthmatic

When it comes to the choice of materials, I suggest resistant and dishwasher-safe HDPE and silicone, in order to protect both: the user and the medicine.

The inhaler is compatible with standard cartridges. The filling level can therefore still be read off the counter on the back of the cartridge. I made this decision out of ecological reasons, and it simplifies the changeover from any inhaler to the Active Inhalor and allows a combination with other asthma devices too.

In combination with the flexible material, the edgeless shape easily adapts to its surroundings. One hand is sufficient for taking medication. Furhter, the mouthpiece can be opened directly with the mouth which protects the medication from dirt by a valve system. This addaptive design allows you to «store» the inhaler between your teeths, if free hands are urgently needed.