Controlling invasive mosquitoes in public spaces: Reducing the risk of disease transmission through sustainable measures. Abstract Global warming and international travel have brought Asian Tiger Mosquitos to Europe, including Switzerland. Those mosquitoes spread Dengue and ...


Tool to ensure mental alertness during the surgical procedure based on Mutual information-based feature fusion method (brainwave, heart rate, and respiration rate measurement).


An add-on for individual privacy and better rest in rooms that are shared by several people for sleeping.


Product development for an imaginative request from the company Gardena, a specialized manufacturer of gardening tools.


Design of an inhaler for asthmatic athletes Abstract The inhaler for sportive asthmatics can be operated with one hand. Thanks to the ergonomic and elastic casing, which securely encloses the medicine cartridge, the spray can ...


User Interface for a toaster Abstract What does an intuitive yet aesthetically appealing user interface look like? This is a visualization of a user interface concept for a single household toaster. I‘ve combined familiar details ...


Concept of a product for deaf dancers which indicates the beat, by recognizing it from running music and transferring it to the body Abstract Deaf people who like to dance depend on elaborate assistance from ...


My goal is to change the image of the rollator. Away from the purely auxiliary object, which implies sickness, dependence, and helplessness, towards a consciously chosen everyday facilitator. In my eyes, a rollator should be seen as the bicycle of tomorrow. My intention is to draw attention to the subject by offering an interactive exhibition: I invited to click, browse, touch and compile, as well as stimulate you to think.