An add-on for individual privacy and better rest in rooms that are shared by several people for sleeping


In collaboration with two students – a Mechanical Engineer from ETH Zurich and an Industrial Designer from ZHdK – we created a product that provides individual privacy and better rest in rooms that are shared by several people for sleeping.

Various user groups are identifiable:

  • Asylum seekers in transit/asylum centers
  • Patients in hospitals
  • Tourists in youth hostels (mattress rooms)
  • Soldiers during military services

After an analysis of existing products on the market and research through interviews, it became clear that concerning the life of asylum seekers in Switzerland, the lack of privacy, sleep, and private space, is very relevant and few satisfactory products are dealing with this issue.

Our aim was to build a product with following properties:

  • Creating a sense of security and comfort
  • Opaque for better privacy;
    protection from glances and
    to support one’s own concentration
  • Sound absorbing
  • Light absorbing
  • Fits on most beds, suitable for bunk beds too
  • Easy to put together and take apart
  • Adjustable amount of privacy for
    sitting, resting, sleeping
  • Space-saving
Teaser for our school intern project presentation
Prototype testing: Adjustable amount of privacy and resting options
Prototype testing: Privacy and comfort while sitting
Prototype testing: Comfort and sense of security while sleeping
(Design inspired by Thonet S 33, Mart Stam)
Prototype testing: Assembly and usability
Specially developed rotating mechanism which fixes the side arms
The comfortable weight pillow keeps the seat pad in place
(the pillow is removable, curtains and the seat pad are washable)
Scenario: Children playing on typical Swiss multi-purpose beds in a transit center in Zurich
(Image by Elisabeth Real, «Asyl – Im Wartezimmer der Schweiz», 20.03.2012)